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Friday, October 22, 2010

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Fright Nights at the PNE
East Hastings and Renfrew, Vancouver
How much? Youths $15, adults $25
Reviewers: Samantha Simon, 13, and Lucas Simon, 17, Magee secondary school, Vancouver
What is it? Fright Nights has five haunted houses in one: Hollywood Horrors, CarnEvil, Darkness, The Asylum and The Haunted Mansion. The haunted houses are linear houses divided into “rooms” and “hallways” with scary Halloweenish decorations and props. As well, various scares and surprises frequently jump out at you.
Scariness, out of 5: Samantha: 4.5 (depends on the house and actors); Lucas: 5.
Elaborateness, out of 5: Samantha: 5; Lucas: 5.
What was it like? Samantha: Absolutely terrific this year! The actors get 10 out of 10 — all of them. From scaring people in the houses or simply giving them a scream in the park, it felt like Halloween Town (the movie). The feelings I shared with my family members were the same. Every time we turned a corner we knew something or someone was gonna pop out and literally scare us. We knew it was coming, but we never really expected it. My favourite haunted house would have to be CarnEvil, the newest one. I thought whoever had the idea of having a 3-D house was definitely on the right track of Playland being unplay. At one point in all of the houses, I somehow ended up in front of my older cousins. We were all holding onto each other like a train winding through the houses, keeping our eyes open for the exit sign. It was a treat to hear my older brother, Lucas, and my older cousin, Matthew, scream like girls.
Lucas: Everything is so well done. You’re constantly anticipating something will happen as you walk through the house, giving a truly terrifying atmosphere with scares around every corner. The mechanisms are excellently detailed to really give you a chill once you see them. They move and act in creepy ways. But perhaps the best part of all the houses is the real-time actors wearing spooky costumes and constantly jumping out of closets or walls to frighten you. The houses have a lot of variety as well.
Highlight: A definite highlight would be in the Hollywood Horrors house where a Michael Myers character jumped out of a dresser and was running toward me!
Recommend it? Samantha: Yes! I would recommend it to everyone.
Lucas: I would indeed recommend visiting these Fright Night haunted houses.
Potters House of Horrors
12530 72 Ave., Surrey
How much? $15 for teens and adults; $10 for children 12 and under
Reviewers: Emma Munro, 15; Caitie Hernandez, 14; Jashper Paras, 15, Holy Cross regional high school, Surrey
What is it? A series of rooms filled with special light and sound effects, animatronics and actors dressed as bloody zombies, crazy clowns, demonic dolls, lunatic prisoners carrying knives and more. The actors even scare you in the lineup waiting to get in.
Scariness out of 5: 4 (can’t be a 5 because it didn’t make us cry)
Elaborateness, out of 5: 5

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