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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fruit of the vine: People are passionate about grapes

Most of us grew up with grapes; they seem to be a staple for children. My favourite way to enjoy them was with burnt toast and peanut butter. It was the only time I ever ate burnt toast because there was something very intriguing about the flavour balance. The charred toast provided a deep background for the smooth, sticky peanut butter and the light sweetness of the grapes. I thought grapes were OK, but I went wild when I had my first concord grape. The profound sweetness and sourness bouncing off each other had my mouth in ecstasy. I even liked to chew on the seeds, their bitterness made the grape that much sweeter.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/life/food/Fruit+vine+People+passionate+about+grapes/3558089/story.html#ixzz113dzJRtk

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1. 쌀만 사고 싶어요!
경기미 20lb $20.99 이천쌀 20lb $20.99
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2. 쌀이랑 김치랑 같이 살래요!
* 쌀 20lb + 김치 4L = $34.99 or * 쌀 40lb + 김치 4L = $43.99
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2. If you want to order rice and kimchi together!
* any kinds of rice 20lb + kimchi 4L = $34.99 
* any kinds of rice 40lb + kimchi 4L = $43.99
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Introduction of FIVE DELIVERY

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