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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Introduction of FIVE DELIVERY

Home Page : http://www.5delivery.com/
Facebook : http://bit.ly/cdezWY
Twitter : https://twitter.com/5Delivery

1. Five Delivery for errands

Five Delivery is a full service running errands company that provides all aspects of delivery service.
We have provided quality service in Vancouver downtown area for years.
We specialize in the same day deliveries with our effective vehicles. So we can help you untangle.
We deliver anything, anyplace in downtown Vancouver with customized delivery solutions 24/7.
         - Delivering items
         - Gift Buying
         - Taking packages to be mailed
         - Grocery shopping
         - Dropping off bill payments
         - Other services as well : just ask us about everything!
   * Notice
         a. We deliver by scooters for fast delivery.
            Please make sure that your order does not exceed proper amount.
         b. Please confirm that your order does not include any illegal items.

2. Five Delivery for food

Five Delivery has been established for those customers who are craving for food at home. Within few minutes, we deliver mouth watering food to customers who are in downtown Vancouver.
Customers can avoid long line-ups, stress from lack of time and of course don’t need to search for a parking spot.
Our fabulous delivery team would offer all kinds of convenience to you. We know how delightful food can be.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed at Five Delivery.
We are dedicated to being known as the first and best choice throughout our industry.

How can we save you time? Call us today!

(604)968-3333 / 1010 Howe St. Vancouver / fivedelivery@hotmail.com
Monday-Sunday 11:00am-01:00am, 14Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.
(Weekend Hours can be changed for some reasons.)

Your Call is really important to us.

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