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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beer Olympic! Gold medalists as an accompaniment for beer!

Electrifying Beer, Must have item of watching the olympic games.
Gold medalists as an accompaniment for beer come here as various as participating nation of olympic.

Budweiser & Chips
It is lager made by distinctive way called ‘Beechwood Aging’. It flavoured fresh and dry matches well with greasy foods.

Tsingtao & Greasy foods
It is producted as clean mineral water added rice. It have distinctive aroma like a jasmine.
It matches well with greasy chinese foods

Asahi & Tacoyaki
It bring out a fresh and astringent because it remove almost sugar content.
It matches well with various foods in Japanese bar.

Corona & Nacho
It is pilsener that can feel soft made by a fermented agave. It matches well with plain foods like a chicken fillets and nacho.

Guinness & Spicy seafoods
It is stout made by baked barley. It has unique character that full body and mellow fragrance of baked barley. It matches well with spicy foods and fishy seafood.

Carlsberg & Korean style fried chicken
It is malt made by 100% barley. It is full body to don’t use other grains except barley and clear & cool. It matches well with chicken.


Paulaner & Fruits salad
It is organic wheat beers made by natural ripening. It has feature to fresh fruits aroma and abundance of suds. In addition it is low-calorie diet beer contained vitamin. It matches well with fresh fruits salad.

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