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Friday, December 31, 2010

Raul’s 2010 Year In Review: Food

January 2010.
January introduced me to Glowbal Grill and I fell in love with their linguini with giant prawns. Enough said.
I also tried a few new restaurants on Main Street, including Grub and re-tried Latitude (which has now become one of my favorites), with my good friend Nathan Tippe.

February 2010
February was another blur – with the Vancouver 2010 Olympics coverage, I rarely had any time to do anything else other than work in my consulting projects, prepare classes and teach and run around town covering events and visiting Olympic Houses. Insane. I did visit Timbre, Hakone Sushi and others, but for the most part, it’s hard for me to remember. But there’s one restaurant that stayed with me: The Well (on Main Street near 14th). I’ve been there for brunch several times, including this summer with my Mom. And they know how to do brunch, for sure.

March 2010
My highlight, other than Parksville Uncorked in Parksville that was amazing pairing of food and wine, was Bandidas, surprisingly, a little Mexican-themed vegan/vegetarian restaurant on Commercial Drive. Go figure. Oh, right! How could I forget the Tomahawk in North Vancouver? Artery-clogging goodness for brunch.

April 2010
Visited two of my favorite Glowbal Group restaurants: Italian Kitchen and Coast. Both with my best friend from Mexico, both incredibly important evenings for me, because we (CB and I) spent a lot of time talking about the important things that we share, amongst those, a wonderful friendship. I am so grateful to have him in my life, and having shared two great restaurants with him was incredibly relevant to me. Plus the salmon at Coast is to-die-for.
Other restaurants I loved: Hime Sushi (Mount Pleasant), Sitar (Gastown), Momo Sushi (Gastown). And of course, one of my best experiences (shared with Jason Sanders, who has since become a good friend of mine), dinner at r.t.l. yaletown (Regional Tasting Lounge).

May 2010
Kerkis Taverna in Kitsilano (on 4th Avenue) reminded me why I love Greek food.

June 2010
Wow, the more time I put into creating my year in review posts, the more I realize I don’t have time for it (I have to work on writing my book instead of these posts). So, quickly – Rogue Wetbar was good, and more importantly because I got to say goodbye to my good friend Karen Parker, who moved to Edmonton.
I also loved Les Faux Burgeoises (finally made it there for dinner with JT). Comfort food with Acme Cafe and Phnom Pen.

July 2010
I returned to Q4 Restaurant (formerly Quattro on Fourth) in Kitsilano, which was one of my absolute favorite. I adore their pastas. And you know what I like the most? That they treated me and my Mom like absolute royalty. And anybody who treats my mother extremely well is alright by me.
I took Mom and JT to Trattoria Italian Kitchen in Kitsilano (one of the restaurants of the Glowbal Group). Glowbal partnered this year with me to give away packages for Father’s Day and I am indebted to them. While I have eaten at and adored each and every other of their restaurants (in particular Glowbal Grill, Coast, Italian Kitchen and Society, although Sanafir is also a favorite), I wasn’t totally taken with Trattoria. But that’s ok. It’s out of my way so I’ll stick to my trusty Italian Kitchen downtown. Very good Italian food at Trattoria, nonetheless.
Absolutely delightful: Conviction Kitchen Delilah’s. Particularly because I got to enjoy it with my Mom, Minna and Jay.
And of course, Arms Reach Bistro in Deep Cove (North Vancouver) is and remains one of my absolute favorite restaurants.
Other honorable mentions include also my partner for Father’s Day: Refuel Bar and Restaurant in Kitsilano. I *loved it*. More importantly, because I went there with my friends Lisa and Greg to welcome Jenny and Thad to Vancouver (they were visiting from Chicago).

August 2010
Highlights in dining out in August 2010 include The Academic in the Broadway and Granville area.

September 2010
The most amazing restaurant this month and probably this year was Milestones Crossroads on West 8th and Cambie. Milestones Crossroads partnered with me for my birthday, which was hosted by my good friend Minna. The service was absolutely stellar, and my birthday trended on Twitter in Canada. Go me.
For my birthday, JT took me to one of the great restaurants I had never been to, Le Gavroche. And it was spectacular. More important than the food was the company, and I adore JT to the bottom of my heart, but the food was just fantastic.

October and November 2010
In October and November I shuttled so much between Victoria and Vancouver that it feels like I was never actually anywhere for long enough. In Vancouver, I visited Sanafir again, as well as Piato Estiatorio in Kitsilano. New favorites in Victoria include Brasserie L’Ecole and Pizzeria Prima Strada. Especially that last one. But I never forget Rosie’s Diner, particularly because JT and I celebrated his birthday there.

December 2010
December is a month of eating, and I’ve had fabulous dinners all around, including The Helm in downtown Vancouver.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Official Guide To Pizza & Food Delivery

Product Description

This book introduces you to the art of pizza and food delivery. It sets you up for success by teaching you the basics of preparation, appearance, productivity, customer service and security regarding the necessary steps required to deal with potential problems that you might encounter while delivering pizza.
(When robbery occurs / Filling your tank with gas / Carring your car spare keys / Using proper working car lights / Always be vigilant / Mounting car top sign / Making money drops / Calling back customers for late night deliveries / Keeping track of your deliveries / etc.)
Customer Review
Having been in the author's shoes, he hits the nail head on. A perfect, black and white, common sense approach to a sometimes complicated and confusing occupation. Trust me, it is an occupation and can be very lucrative if done well. As stated, this is a great starting point. Use this to shape your current attitude towards the pizza delivery business as well as influence others on how to succeed. Every idea is well thought out and put to ink. This guide will be a mandatory read for my drivers, and will be offset with my own localized education. Drivers will be much more prepared in a shorter amount of time to "hit the road". This book focuses not only on individual attitude while on delivery, but also team effort back at the shop...and it is a team effort. Everyone does well when they work together. Highly recommended reading for drivers, managers and owners (who have not pounded the pavement). By Kelly L. Baze "Deal Browser

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Fresh Diet: Food Delivery Program Bringing Weight Loss to You

As diets and weight-loss programs go,The Fresh Diet certainly looks like a winner, albeit an expensive one. Established in 2005 by a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, The Fresh Diet is a food delivery service that provides gourmet food in tasty calorie-controlled portions.
Based on the tenets of the Zone Diet, Fresh Diet provides 3 freshly prepared meals and 2 snacks daily that equate to 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% fats and range in daily calorie count from 1200-1800 calories. The food is not frozen, not freeze-dried or powdered. Fresh Diets uses high quality ingredients and offer special menus for both diabetic and vegetarian clients. Cost can range from $35 and up per day, with the cheapest option based on monthly subscriptions and Fresh Diet is only available in select markets at this time (South East & West Florida, Chicago, Indianapolis, NY Tri-State area, Southern & Northern California, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia, Philadelphia, Houston, and Toronto, Canada.
Fresh Diets allows offers two programs:
  • Premium Choice provides 3 meals + 2 snacks daily, 4 or more choices per meal and unlimited dislikes
  • Chef’s Choice provides 3 meals + 2 snacks daily and up to 8 dislikes
The sample menus are mouthwatering. For breakfast, Hawaiian macadamia nut whole wheat waffles with fresh strawberries and bananas; lunch is a corned beef deli wrap; for dinner you can start with tri-color heirloom tomato salad topped with mozzarella balls, followed by grilled asparagus topped with parma ham-wrapped chicken breast. And for a snack there is granola with yogurt and berries. Certainly sounds filling enough as well as tasty. 
Food delivery services are not new. Nutrisystem has over 170 food items, but only their Nu-Kitchen out of NYC can compare to the quality of the Fresh Diet. Jenny Craig offers 17 breakfast choices, 21 lunch choices, 28 dinner choices, and 25 desserts and snacks., but meals arrive frozen, not fresh. eDiets offers a Healthy Living Program where the food is delivered fresh or frozen. Medifast is primarily freeze-dried, more like camping food that a 3-star meal. Diet to Go does offer freshly prepared diet meals, along with all the little extras like fruit, juices, side items and condiments. BistroMD is similar, taking freshly prepared meals and quick freezing them for FedEx delivery to your home.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Best-ever party platters

Best-ever party platters

When the e-mail about the office potluck arrives or out-of-town relatives inspire an impromptu get-together -- or anytime you're in a rush to entertain during the holidays -- don't fall victim to buying the often expensive prearranged platters of meats, cheeses or crudités. Instead we inspire fledgling and experienced cooks alike to create their own unique platters with the help of quick tricks, simple serving suggestions and bonus recipes.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Christmas is in the air!

Wishing you all the joy, hope and wonder of the season.
Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year.

- 5Delivery -

Thursday, December 23, 2010

5Delivery Christmas

So~ what are you guys up to for Christmas Eve? 5Delivery is staying at the office and waiting for you guys calls on Christmas Eve! HOHOHO~ Call us anytime. 604-968-3333 (It's called Santa Claus, isn't it?hahaha)
Although we're gonna be here at the office, it should be a fun Christmas for us!
Cuz I've already made huge cookies for 5Delivery staffs. I made cinnamon cookies and coconut cookies. I also might make a cake...:D I hope that everybody's gonna love it.
Merry christmas to everyone!!! :)

자~ 크리스마스 이브 때 뭐하실거예요? 5딜리버리는요 사무실에서 여러분들 전화를 기다리고 있을 거예요! HOHOHO~ 아무 때나 전화주세요. 604-968-3333입니다. (이런 거 산타클로스라고 불르는 거 맞죠? ㅎㅎㅎ)
비록 크리스마스이브에 오피스에 있겠지만, 이번 크리스마스는 아주 즐거운 크리스마스가 될 거예요. 왜냐면 제가 엄청큰 쿠키를 우리 직원들 줄라고 만들었거든요! 시나몬 쿠키랑 코코넛 쿠키요. 그리고 케이크도.. ^-^* 모두모두 좋아해줬음 좋겠어요.
여러분 메리크리스마스요!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Party Food

Christmas party without mouth-watering food items doesn't sound like a good idea. Along with the ambience, music and decorations, food also matters a lot in making your Christmas party a perfect one. Christmas party food includes everything, right from drinks to appetizers to the main course to the dessert. However, you need to make sure that the food and drinks you are planning to serve are as per the taste of the guests. In case you are looking for some Christmas party food ideas, you can check out the ones mentioned below.
The first thing you will serve your guests on arrival would obviously be something to drink, which will be accompanied with snacks. You can serve coffee, tea, soft drinks, or lemonade and even alcoholic drinks like wine, champagne, beer, scotch, etc. If you are also having kids at the party, make sure to keep some soft drinks at hand.
After the guests have played all the games and even danced a little, the time comes for serving soup and appetizers. Keep atleast two varieties of soup and three types of appetizers. You can serve Shrimps, Oysters, Chicken Drumsticks, Cheese Puffs, Stuffed Mushrooms, etc.
Now comes the time for the main course, which should include both non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian dishes. Some of the popular dishes are Lamb and Potato Skillet, Baked Beans, Cold Sandwiches, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, etc.
If you want, you can also serve wine or champagne along with the main course.
By this time, the stomach is almost full and the only space that is left is reserved for the dessert. There should be atleast two types of desserts. You can serve Trifle Pudding, Chocolate Mousse, Apple Pie, Cinnamon Truffles, etc.
The last course to be served is the quintessential coffee. Nothing like a cup of espresso coffee to complete the dinner.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Date food: trick her into thinking you're a gourmet cook with this quick and easy meal

The PHOSPHORUS in Parmesan cheese helps fire up the engines within your body's cells, giving you the energy you need to last all night.
  1/2 cup instant polenta /  2 cups water / 1/3 cup grated Parmesan / tbsp butter / FOR THE FILLETS
1 1/2 tbsp butter / 2 (6 oz) filets mignons, about 1 inch thick / 1 medium shallot, finely diced  cup dry red wine
      Salt and pepper to taste

To make:
[1] Combine polenta with water. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
[2] As mixture thickens, add Parmesan and butter. Stir until polenta is fully cooked and thickened, about 4 minutes.
[3] In a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, melt 1 tbsp butter; when it starts to bubble, add fillets.
[4] Cook, turning once, until browned on both sides and done to your liking (about 12 minutes for
medium). Remove fillets from pan but leave pan on stove.
[5] Add remaining 1/2, tbsp butter and shallots; cook until softened, 1-2 minutes.
[6] Add Beef, like this filet mignon, is a great source of CLA--CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID--a type of good fat that has been shown in studies to help increase muscle mass and decrease levels of body fat.
Stick with butter when cooking rather than margarine, which has three times the number of evil TRANS FATS.
Dry red wines supply the body with FLAVONOIDS, beneficial plant compounds that keep the blood flowing to all the right places.
You'll look better in the buff with the POTASSIUM in asparagus. It prevents puffiness by helping counteract the water retention salt can cause.
Polenta is packed with carbs, but they're the good kind--capable of boosting levels of a natural feel-good compound called SEROTONIN in both your brain and hers.
wine; cook sauce until 2-3 tbsp of liquid is left (no more than 5 minutes).
[7] To serve, put a small mound of polenta in center of plate; top with fillet. Spoon sauce over all.
[8] Serve immediately with roasted or steamed asparagus.
Nutrition Facts
Serves: 2
Amount per Serving
Calories    572 / Protein    46 g / Carbs      40 g / Fat      23 g / Fiber       6 g

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Monday, December 13, 2010

[SBS스페셜] ④ 밴쿠버까지 파고든 '철가방 문화'

5딜리버리 티비 나왔어요!! ^-^* 아래 링크 클릭하면 동영상 보실 수 있습니다.

정신없이 바쁜 샐러리맨들로 가득한 밴쿠버 다운타운.

근사한 점심을 포기한 채 일에만 열중하는 그들에게 구세주가 나타났다. 밴쿠버에서 철가방을 이용해 음식 배달 사업을 하는 신종민 씨다.

빛 보다 빠른 디지털시대에 철가방을 이용한 배달사업은 최상의 아이템이다.

신 씨는 "남들은 다 배달이 생겼으면 좋겠다는 말만 했지, 아무도 실천하지 않았다"며 "해보자는 마음으로 시작하게 됐다"고 말했다.

오늘날 신종민 씨처럼 배달 문화가 활성화되지 않는 세계 각국에선 철가방을 이용한 한국식 외식문화 정립에 앞장서는 이들이 많아지고 있다.

한국인의 '빨리빨리'정신과 발로 뛰는 부지런한 근성 그리고 보온성과 가벼움을 겸비한 과학적인 철가방.

한국식 '찾아가는 서비스'가 전 세계인의 마음을 사로잡을 날은 멀지 않았다.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Grilled Herb Shrimp

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend with this! :D
FYI 5Delivery can deliver fresh shrimp from a market to you if you need :)
여러분 모두 맛있는 음식과 즐거운 주말 만드시길 바랄께요! ^-^*

참고로 5딜리버리가 신선한 새우를 마트에서 고객님한테 배달해드릴 수 있다는 거!

Grilled Herb Shrimp (from Ina Garten via FoodNetwork.com)
2 pounds large shrimp (16 to 20 per pound), peeled
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 medium yellow onion, small-diced
1/4 cup minced fresh parsley
1/4 cup minced fresh basil
1 teaspoon dry mustard
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup olive oil
1 lemon, juiced

Place the shrimp in a resealable plastic bag. Add all of the other ingredients to a bowl and stir to combine. Pour the marinade into the bag with the shrimp and allow to marinate for at least 1 hour or for up to 2 days in the refrigerator.
Skewer the shrimp. If you are using wooden skewers you may want to soak them in water for 30 minutes beforehand (there's an interesting discussion here about whether soaking is necessary). Light your grill and adjust the gas (or coals) for medium heat. Brush the grill grates with oil to prevent the shrimp from sticking. Grill the shrimp for about 1 1/2 minutes on each side, or until they are opaque and cooked through (if you're using smaller shrimp than the ones recommended in the recipe, they won't need quite as much time).

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's on your weekend menu?

How are you doing guys? It's Thursday and as you know tmr is Friday!!Awesome hahahahaha
In my case, I usually decide what I'm gonna cook over the weekend on Thursday(today). Weekends are my favorite time(there's no doubt), and food is very important part of spending time for me.
What's on your weekend menu? I'd like to try sushi rolls for this weekend! Wish me luck! :D

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lunch Box Special Recipe

- 4 ServingsPrep/Total Time: 10 min.Ingredients

1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup orange juice
1/2 cup finely chopped apples
1/2 cup finely chopped dates, optional
1/2 cup chopped walnuts, optional
8 slices bread
- Directions
In a small bowl, combine peanut butter and orange juice until blended. Add the apples and dates or walnuts if desired. Spread on four slices of bread; top with remaining bread. Yield: 4 servings.
- Nutrition Facts: 1 serving (1 each) equals 401 calories, 18 g fat (4 g saturated fat), 1 mg cholesterol, 419 mg sodium, 51 g carbohydrate, 5 g fiber, 13 g protein.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Healthy Eating Tips: Best Indian Meal Options

This week I’m addressing what the best options are when you are eating out at an Indian restaurant.
We did a bit of Indian on Saturday night and it was fantastic. If you’re ever near North Strathfield and want some good Indian check out Dawat.
So I’m going to give you a run through of what’s good to eat and not count as one of your cheat meals.
Indian is a pretty good dining out choice for the most part because a lot of the meals are already gluten free because they are just spices and meat or vego if you go that option.
Not much extra stuff is added.
So despite popular belief by all the garbage nutritionists out there I believe Indian is one of your smarter dining out options.
We had an onion type of dish that was coated in chick pea flour that was delicious. It’s not on their online menu so from that choice I’d go for the Chicken Tikka (Juicy boneless fillets of chicken marinated in spices & yoghurt, roasted in tandoori oven) – it can’t get much cleaner than that!
We also were served some papadums which are gluten free so are definitely not the worst thing you can eat at a restaurant. And it’s 10 times better than bread as a starter.
Main Meal
Plenty of options here as they base their meals on real spices and not rubbish stuff.
We went for the Chicken Korma (A lightly spiced chicken dish cooked in a rich sauce of cashew nuts & green cardamom) which was amazing. Nice taste.
We also got a Prawn Vindaloo (Prawns cooked in a vindaloo curry with a spiced-up flavour of tomato, ginger, cumin & peppercorn) – very hot but if you don’t mind it hot you’ll love it.
Now people are going to probably jump up and down and say any curry isn’t a good choice because it’s based around coconut milk and it’s fattening etc. etc.
Well, does a coconut come from a tree? Yes. Is it made with a hundred artificial flavours and numbers? No.
There’s your answer. Those numbers in your food are far worse than a bit of coconut milk.
We didn’t do dessert here but going by the menu if you wanted to stay pretty much clean I’d guess the Rice Pudding (Kheer -Rice pudding cooked in milk & flavoured with cardomoms, safron, pistachios & almonds).
Not the best thing on the menu but it’s probably a better bet than the ice cream.
I know that I’ll be back going for some Indian again. It was nice. Didn’t leave me feeling bloated like a meal with heaps of wheat does and it wasn’t expensive at all.
Stay tuned for another healthy eating tips choice next week to help with your weight loss success. And be sure to let me know in the comments section below if you want to see a cuisine featured!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

10 Things You May Not Know About Korean Food

Did you know that L.A.-style galbi is famous in South Korea? If the answer is no, then bone up (what better term) on this and other little known facts about Korean cuisine with a 10-point guide that will make you sound like an expert.

1. L.A.-style galbi (grilled, marinated beef short ribs): In Korea, chefs use a vertical cut of beef that they slice by hand to preserve the texture. Here, the meat is cut horizontally with a slicer, not a knife, and usually has two or three small bones in the center. Korean Americans have adopted the local, cheaper cut, although it produces less tender galbi. It has even made its way to Korea, where LA galbi is regarded as a cool western innovation.

2. Anju: Anju is the Korean word for bar food, and it's lighter and healthier than nachos, fries, onion rings and their ilk. Korean bar noshers eat such things as chicken skewers with veggies, fried mung bean pancakes, egg-battered zucchini or fish, pork wrapped in fresh leaves with kimchi and other small bites that offer more sustenance than grease.

3. Makgeolli (maguli): High-powered cocktails may be popular, but Korea's makgeolli is the safer way to go, because its alcohol content is below 7 per cent. Made from fermented steamed rice, barley or wheat, makgeolli is creamy, with a touch of sweetness. You can buy it in Korean markets here.

4. Banchan (panchan): If you judge a restaurant by the number of these side dishes it serves, you're right. The amount is a status symbol in Korean culture. A king would have been served at least 100. Dinner with the boss requires no less than five, and with future in-laws, seven or more. So turn up your nose at places that offer only a paltry two or three side dishes.

5. Bibimbap: What is the most popular Korean dish? Among westerners, barbecued meats. Among Koreans, the hot rice mixture called bibimbap. From humble origins as a catch-all for leftover vegetables, it has become a top dish in its own right.

6. Geotjeori kimchi: You think that kimchi is really complicated and has to ferment for months before it's ready to eat? Not so. Geotjeori kimchi takes only 10 minutes. It's a dressing composed of kimchi seasonings that you toss with salad greens. See the recipe, from Chef Kiyong Jang of Yongsusan in Koreatown.

7. Kimchi refrigerators: Traditionally, kimchi ferments in stone pots outdoors. This may be the old way, but modern Korean homes now have kimchi refrigerators, which keep the spicy pickle at the ideal, steady low temperature to encourage fermentation. It certainly beats trekking out in the snow to get some for dinner.

8. Soju: Soju may be the national drink of Korea, but it didn't originate there. This distilled beverage, made from fermented rice and/or other grains, originated in China and traveled through Mongolia to Korea, where it has been popular for centuries.

9. Balance: Throw away your prescriptions and eat Korean food. Well, not really, but traditional Korean food is designed to produce a healthy balance in the body. For example, pork is regarded as "cold" even though it may be hot when you eat it. One way to achieve balance is to add chives, which are "hot." And it's customary to eat the cold noodle dish naengmyeon in winter. Have a cold? Drink hot ginger tea to dose yourself with hot energy. Or cool the heat of a fever by eating a poached Korean pear.

10. Vegetarianism: Koreans eat lots of meat, true or false. The answer is, not always. After the death of a parent, they don't eat meat for a period of time. Today, vegetarianism is on the rise. And what is really popular is temple food, mildly seasoned dishes that are drawn from Buddhist tradition, sourced locally and eaten in season--just like we're trying to do here.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fast and Easy Meal IdeasGetting healthy meals on the table in a hurry takes less time than you might think. It's all about being prepared.

•Plan your meals and do your shopping ahead of time.

•Stock up on basics such as vegetables and fruit, whole grain bread, whole grain pasta and brown rice, milk, yogurt, cheese, lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds.
•Use frozen or canned products to help speed up preparation time. For example, canned or bottled tomato based pasta sauces, frozen or canned vegetables, frozen or canned fruit, bagged salad greens, canned tuna or salmon, canned beans or lentils.
•Prepare foods in advance. Cook double the rice and freeze leftovers for another meal. Cook twice the chicken or ground beef you need and keep extras to make chicken salad, enchiladas, chili or spaghetti sauce the next day.
•Cook up a big batch of soups, stews, casseroles, pasta dishes, cooked ground beef and pizza dough to keep in the freezer.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Greeting December!

It is the first day of a new month, and the last month of 2010. Happy December! :)

살 '덜 찌는' 연말 건강 회식법

연말 회식의 시즌이다. 이런 연말 모임을 치르면서 많은 이들이 만성피로나 집중력 저하, 일명 '속병'과 같은 소화기 장애 등을 겪게 된다.

몸의 외형변화도 눈에 띄게 느낄 수 있다. 물론 한 두 번 회식으로 갑작스럽게 체중이 증가하거나 신체사이즈가 늘어나지는 않지만, 횟수가 많아지고 간격이 짧아지면 불과 12월 한 달 사이에도 3~4㎏ 이상은 쉽게 증가할 수 있다.
기왕 치러야 할 회식, 살 덜 찌고 건강하게 즐길 수 있는 방법에는 어떤 것들이 있을까?
▶무조건 참지 마라, 스트레스는 오히려 다이어트의 적
다이어트 중인 이들의 경우 연말 회식자리는 그야말로 스트레스의 연속이다. 음식섭취 자체를 참아야 하는 어려움도 있지만 회식에 제대로 동참하지 못해 생기는 조직 내 부조화 등의 우려도 만만치 않은 스트레스 요인이다. 전문가들은 회식에 너무 민감하게 반응해 스트레스를 받으면 오히려 정신건강을 해칠 뿐 아니라 체중관리에도 도움이 안 된다고 입을 모은다. 실제로 스트레스를 받으면 스트레스 호르몬의 일종인 코티솔이 과다 분비된다. 이 경우 지방의 생성과 축적량이 증가하는 결과를 초래할 수 있다.
▶안주, 꼭 챙겨먹어라
살이 찔 것을 염려해 회식 중 술만 마시는 경우도 있다. 음식 대신 술만 마신다는 이른바 '술다이어트'에 대한 내용도 인터넷에 떠돌고 있지만 위험천만한 행동이다.빈 속에 술을 마시면 평소보다 알코올이 빠르게 흡수돼 위와 간에 강한 자극을 준다. 회식자리에선 무조건 안주를 피하기 보다는 포만감이 들지 않을 정도로 안주를 섭취하는 게 건강을 위해 좋다.
▶개운한 해장의 유혹을 이겨라
흔히 과음한 다음날 얼큰한 해장국으로 해장을 하면서 땀을 빼면 술이 깬다고 느끼는 경우가 많다. 하지만 매운 짬뽕, 라면, 감자탕, 뼈해장국 등과 같은 해장음식의 경우 나트륨 함량도 높고 자극적이다. 숙취 해소는 커녕 오히려 위장장애나 체중증가의 원인이 될 수도 있다.
심리적인 해장 보다는 실질적으로 몸에 도움이 되는 콩나물국, 북어국 등과 같이 담백한 해장음식이 숙취해소와 다이어트에 도움이 된다. 또 우롱차나 녹차를 많이 마시는 것도 좋다. 우롱차나 녹차 모두 이뇨작용을 하기에 알코올 성분은 물론 노폐물도 배출시키고 신진대사를 좋게 해준다. 특히 구기자차는 콜레스테롤을 낮추고 간세포에 지방이 쌓이는 것을 억제한다.

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