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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Official Guide To Pizza & Food Delivery

Product Description

This book introduces you to the art of pizza and food delivery. It sets you up for success by teaching you the basics of preparation, appearance, productivity, customer service and security regarding the necessary steps required to deal with potential problems that you might encounter while delivering pizza.
(When robbery occurs / Filling your tank with gas / Carring your car spare keys / Using proper working car lights / Always be vigilant / Mounting car top sign / Making money drops / Calling back customers for late night deliveries / Keeping track of your deliveries / etc.)
Customer Review
Having been in the author's shoes, he hits the nail head on. A perfect, black and white, common sense approach to a sometimes complicated and confusing occupation. Trust me, it is an occupation and can be very lucrative if done well. As stated, this is a great starting point. Use this to shape your current attitude towards the pizza delivery business as well as influence others on how to succeed. Every idea is well thought out and put to ink. This guide will be a mandatory read for my drivers, and will be offset with my own localized education. Drivers will be much more prepared in a shorter amount of time to "hit the road". This book focuses not only on individual attitude while on delivery, but also team effort back at the shop...and it is a team effort. Everyone does well when they work together. Highly recommended reading for drivers, managers and owners (who have not pounded the pavement). By Kelly L. Baze "Deal Browser

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