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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Healthy Eating Tips: Best Indian Meal Options

This week I’m addressing what the best options are when you are eating out at an Indian restaurant.
We did a bit of Indian on Saturday night and it was fantastic. If you’re ever near North Strathfield and want some good Indian check out Dawat.
So I’m going to give you a run through of what’s good to eat and not count as one of your cheat meals.
Indian is a pretty good dining out choice for the most part because a lot of the meals are already gluten free because they are just spices and meat or vego if you go that option.
Not much extra stuff is added.
So despite popular belief by all the garbage nutritionists out there I believe Indian is one of your smarter dining out options.
We had an onion type of dish that was coated in chick pea flour that was delicious. It’s not on their online menu so from that choice I’d go for the Chicken Tikka (Juicy boneless fillets of chicken marinated in spices & yoghurt, roasted in tandoori oven) – it can’t get much cleaner than that!
We also were served some papadums which are gluten free so are definitely not the worst thing you can eat at a restaurant. And it’s 10 times better than bread as a starter.
Main Meal
Plenty of options here as they base their meals on real spices and not rubbish stuff.
We went for the Chicken Korma (A lightly spiced chicken dish cooked in a rich sauce of cashew nuts & green cardamom) which was amazing. Nice taste.
We also got a Prawn Vindaloo (Prawns cooked in a vindaloo curry with a spiced-up flavour of tomato, ginger, cumin & peppercorn) – very hot but if you don’t mind it hot you’ll love it.
Now people are going to probably jump up and down and say any curry isn’t a good choice because it’s based around coconut milk and it’s fattening etc. etc.
Well, does a coconut come from a tree? Yes. Is it made with a hundred artificial flavours and numbers? No.
There’s your answer. Those numbers in your food are far worse than a bit of coconut milk.
We didn’t do dessert here but going by the menu if you wanted to stay pretty much clean I’d guess the Rice Pudding (Kheer -Rice pudding cooked in milk & flavoured with cardomoms, safron, pistachios & almonds).
Not the best thing on the menu but it’s probably a better bet than the ice cream.
I know that I’ll be back going for some Indian again. It was nice. Didn’t leave me feeling bloated like a meal with heaps of wheat does and it wasn’t expensive at all.
Stay tuned for another healthy eating tips choice next week to help with your weight loss success. And be sure to let me know in the comments section below if you want to see a cuisine featured!

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