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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feeling Lonely? Mac & Cheese Might Be the Cure

Sometimes you just have to ask: "How come I knew that already without having to consult a shrink?" Brace yourselves for this shocker: Comfort food is, well, comforting.

That's right, as noted today in UPI.com, two graduate students from the University of Buffalo conducted an experiment in which three control groups were giving an assignment to write about something that made them feel lonely, but the group whose theme revolved around comfort food was able to pull itself out of the dark mood. (The study, published in the magazine Psychological Science, said nothing about weight gain).

"Throughout everyone's daily lives they experience stress, often associated with our connections with others," says Jordan Troisi, lead author of the study. "Comfort food can serve as a ready-made, easy resource for remedying a sense of loneliness." Glad to have it proved by science, but most of us know this just by using coming sense: Eat mac and cheese, meatloaf, and mashed potatoes can make us feel good but isn't going to help us fit into that swimming suit by summer; salads will make you love the way you look, but you'll be too sad to care. Feeling lonely? Might want to just make a new friend instead of looking to food for the answer.

by Bill Sertl

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yoga eating: eating before and after Yoga

Yoga eating: when, how much, and what? - These are some of the most frequent questions beginners in Yoga ask. With time you will find your own answer - they may be different from recommendations. We are all different. Listen to your body. And to start with - keep in mind the following advises.
Eating before Yoga?

If you are going for a Yoga asana practice - it is recommended that you don't eat at least 2 (better 3) hours in advance. That greatly depends on the size of your meal. - It's OK to have a few grapes even 1 hour before practice. On the other hand, if your meal was very heavy - even 3 hours may not be enough.

If your practice pranayama (breathing techniques) - it is recommended not to eat at least 5-6 hours in advance. Well, this is for advanced pranayama practitioners. 2-3 hours of gap for short and not very intense pranayama practice is OK. (You will know the answer fast if you keeping awareness of your body.)

Drink instead. If you feel really hungry - drink tea with milk and some sugar. Drink by very small sips. You will satisfy your stomach and your hungry mind this way.

Bikram Yoga eating

This is a special case: Bikram Yoga is done in an overheated humid room. It is also quite intense. It is already quite challenging physically, and for your internal organs systems of your body (from heart to stomach). So, my personal recommendation, from my own experience - to practice Bikram Yoga in the morning, before breakfast (have a tea with milk, juice if you wish). I'm serious! :-) Really.

Be mindful!

If you are - it's easier and faster to discipline your mind. You will make new habits in no time.

Eating after Yoga?

Sure! During good Yoga asanas (and pranayama) practice we massage our body so well - and importantly our internal organs too. They are toned, massaged, more blood supply provided to digestive system, it is activated well. Again - if you listen to your body - you will notice strong, healthy, natural appetite after a Yoga session. Your body is ready, your digestive system prepared. Eating after Yoga is probably the best!

What to eat? Vegetarian diet for Yoga?

I will not force you to try yet another diet. - Eat whatever you want. If you naturally switch from one diet to another (say, more light and nutritious vegetarian diet) - you will do it on your own, in a right time, comfortably. It's not the most important thing in the world. Changes will come when you are ready. Listen to yourself and be willing to change if you feel it's time. Mindfulness is the greatest gift you may choose to use!

Yoga eating: Summary

In general it is recommended to practice Yoga (asanas, pranayama and meditation) on empty or almost empty stomach. This is one reason more to favor morning practice if it is possible.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Ultimate Omelette with Egg Beaters Recipe

Three-egg omelette made with egg substitute/egg whites and veggies.

1/3egg whites
2oz bacon
1oz sausage
1/4cup tomato, sliced
1/4cup mushrooms, sliced
1oz cheddar cheese
  1. Sautee veggies briefly in hot pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray.
  2. Beat egg whites, pour into hot pan sprayed with oil.
  3. Add veggies on top of eggs, fold egg over, sprinkle with cheese.
  4. Serve.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

The following is a list of various Vancouver food

Whether you’re looking for lobster, salmon, halibut or just fish and chips, Vancouver offers the best in dining for seafood lovers. There’s no shortage of restaurants with gorgeous scenery, drop-dead views and heaping platters of the freshest catch of the day. Not sure which restaurant to pick? No problem. The Food Vancouver Select Guide just made things easier with its list of Top 20 Seafood Restaurants. All you have to do is book your table and grab the nearest menu.
Well-established on the culinary scene, Blue Water Cafe offers innovative West Coast creations. For sushi and sashimi lovers Blue Water Café offers an incredible raw bar providing an “East meets West’ type of decor. Blue Water Cafe is a nifty brick and beam style heritage conversion located in the heart of a very-happening Yaletown.
Offering seafood lovers the best from BC waters, there are 6 water-front locations to choose from: English Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Richmond, White Rock, New Westminster and Port Moody. Boathouse Restaurants is committed to healthy food using quality ingredients. Great food, superb views – wherever you are in the Lower Mainland there’s a Boathouse Restaurant close by.
Enjoy incredible seafood creations amid awesome views from the restaurant patio. With its emphasis on wild caught seafood C offers diners a varied menu. Taste your favorites from lobster, scallops, trout and salmon. Located in the downtown area C offers you a view of the False Creek marinas and the Burrard Bridge. Be sure to add C to your list of restaurants.
In its new downtown location at 1054 Alberni, like its name, COAST truly celebrates Vancouver’s incredible coastal lifestyle. Offering you a beautiful array of seafood platters – oysters ‘fresh from the sea’, crab, lobster, shrimp – all prepared with an eye to perfection. COAST is beautifully designed, energetic and vibrant – plan on spending an exciting evening at COAST with your friends.
Located on Granville Island Dockside has floor to ceiling windows and is part of the Granville Island Hotel. Depending on your group size you can choose from the restaurant, restaurant bar, patio or lounge for your perfect dining experience.
Blue Water Seafood
Located on Marine Drive in West Vancouver, Dundarave Fish Market also has a heated outdoor patio. No time to dine in? Not to worry – there’s a wonderful selection of items to go. Top marks go to the crab and shrimp cakes topped off with the ‘house’ red curry aioli. Choose from chowders, ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook seafood all precisely portioned for your individual needs.
Located at 4675 Arbutus on the west side, Finest at Sea is not just a dine-in restaurant but also a seafood shop for chefs who love to cook at home. Finest at Sea has the best selection of seafood so it’s no wonder they are major providers to the city’s top restaurants. With an emphasis on environmentally friendly catch Finest at Sea offers a huge selection of deli foods – from individually packaged salmon and halibut to spices, rubs, crab cakes and chowder. Not sure how to prepare a particular dish? The extremely helpful owner and staff will share recipes, cooking techniques and suggestions for serving.
Nestled in the forests of Stanley Park, many diners have called The Fish House Restaurant an oasis in an urban setting. Featuring great seafood dishes like their signature Flaming Prawns, the Fish House is also popular for it fresh-shucked oysters and array of dazzling seafood. Choose from 3 distinctive rooms some with patios overlooking beautiful Stanley Park.
Located near Granville Island at 1505 West 1st Ave, this ‘restaurant’ is just a little shack with only 2 tables. But don’t let the rustic setting fool you – Go Fish makes mouth-watering fish and chips, which people come from miles away to enjoy. Pick up your order the next time you’re out shopping on Granville Island.
Located in Yaletown, Goldfish is very much a West Coast restaurant, promoting fine food and fun dining for Vancouver’s seafood lovers. It features a West Coast style cuisine for which it has received rave reviews - while the extremely social atmosphere makes dining a night to remember.
Named after Joe Fortes – a giant of a bartender who a hundred years ago was English Bay’s first lifeguard – this seafood and chop house brings you a piece of Vancouver’s history. Legendary for its array of fish dishes Joe Fortes also has a lovely setting – and is a favorite with tourists to the city.
Chef Tojo has received numerous awards for his seafood creations. Located on West Broadway this restaurant is a must for locals and visitors alike.
It’s been voted the ‘best fish and chips’ place in Vancouver. Mr. Pickwick's offers 14 different styles of fish and chips from around the world for you to choose from – try their fresh cod, salmon or halibut as well as oysters and calamari.
Boathouse Seafood
For strollers along the Steveston Wharf, Pajos is an important stop for tasty fish and chips served from a little shack. Enjoy the briny scenery as you sit at rustic picnic tables and watch the fishing boats come in to dock.
This is the place for flavorful and healthy food cooked in the traditional Mediterranean style. Located in Yaletown, Provence specializes in raw oysters and fresh local seafood with top marks going to the bouillabaisse. It’s a great place to get together with friends.
Located on the West Vancouver hillside, The Salmon offers its diners a spectacular view while dining. A top specialty is the alder-grilled salmon. The Salmon House focuses on a uniquely ‘BC’ theme using ingredients grown and produced by local growers.
A popular hotspot located on Granville Island, Sandbar is famous for its incredibly varied menu. For starters, try the Wok Squid stir-fried with chillies, ginger, garlic and cilantro. It’s guaranteed to get your appetite going. For mussel lovers the curry-flavored mussels can’t be beat.
The best dim sum in town – its Alaskan king crab specialty gets rave reviews from faithful patrons. With locations in Vancouver and Richmond Sun Sui Wah prides itself on its signature dishes including geoduck, rock cod, spot prawns, oysters and lobster.
Located on Granville Island, Tony’s cafe is popular with locals and visitors alike for its fish and chips and clam chowder dishes.
The British Columbian themed design is flawless, from the lofty ceilings to the sandstone fireplace. Other features are a "raw bar", communal table, two open kitchens, private dining area and an extensive wine list.
So the next time you think Seafood – don’t be overwhelmed by the restaurant choices before you – we hope our list has narrowed down your choices.
Images supplied in order of appearance by COAST Restaurant, Blue Water Cafe, Boathouse Restaurants
By: Sheila LoGuisto

Vancouver Map - Map of Downtown Vancouver 밴쿠버 다운타운 지도

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring: Recipes in Season : Candied Sweet Potatoes, Asparagi alla Parmigiana, etc.

Arni me Patates sto Fourno

Meats | Arni me Patates Image
(Greek roast lamb with potatoes)
A whole spit-roasted lamb is the classic Easter feast for most Greeks. But this recipe for roast leg of lamb with potatoes is popular too. It is just as tasty, yet simpler to prepare and more suitable for smaller gatherings. The variation with artichokes makes the dish a full meal. Read more »

Agua Fresca

Beverages | Agua Fresca Image
(Mexican fresh fruit beverage)
Aguas frescas are fresh fruit drinks that are very popular all over Mexico. These refreshing beverages are typically served from large barrel-shaped glass containers. Some of the more traditional varieties are watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberry.Read more »

Anginares à la Polita

Ingredients | Artichoke Hearts Image
(Greek artichoke hearts and potatoes with dill)
Anginares à la polita means "artichokes city-style." The city in this case is Constantinople, now Istanbul. This wonderful dish is a harbinger of spring and makes good use of artichokes, of one of the first spring vegetables in the market after a long winter.Read more »

Asparagi alla Parmigiana

Ingredients | Asparagus Image
(Italian asparagus gratin)
Roasting is an excellent way to prepare asparagus. This simple dish with a tasty Parmesan crust is a snap to throw together. Asparagi alla parmigiana is a springtime favorite in northern Italy. Read more »


Ingredients | Blackberries Image
(Swedish berry cream dessert)
Enjoy this spring and summer dessert, so refreshing in its simplicity. Bärkräm is a creamy berry pudding from Sweden that can be made with blackberries, strawberries, gooseberries, or any berries in season. Read more »

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Vegetables | Candied Sweet Potatoes Image
(American sugar-baked sweet potatoes)
Also called sweet potato casserole, candied sweet potatoes are a favorite dish in many American households at Thanksgiving and Easter, especially children. They are an extra treat when a layer of marshmallows is baked and browned on top. At Easter, chick- or rabbit-shaped and colored marshmallows called "Peeps" are sometimes used.Read more »


Desserts | Clafouti Image
(French cherry flan)
This sweet cherry flan originated in the Limousin region of France and is often served as a breakfast dish. Clafouti is classically made with fresh cherries in early summer, but you can substitute all kinds of seasonal fruits. Cherry clafouti is traditionally made without first pitting the cherries. Read more »

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Meats | Corned Beef and Cabbage Image
(Irish-American braised brisket with vegetables)
Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional St. Patricks Day dish for Irish Americans, but not for the Irish themselves. The meal became popular with immigrants from Ireland in the 19th century. The word "corned" comes from the Old English for "grain" or "pellets," and pellets of salt were originally used to cure the beef for this dish.Read more »

Ga Xao Sa

Ingredients | Lemongrass Image
(Vietnamese lemongrass chicken)
Ga xao sa, or lemongrass chicken, is one of the better known Vietnamese dishes, often on the menu of Vietnamese restaurants. It is a wonderfully light, refreshing and easy chicken recipe, with all of the bright flavors of that Southeast Asian nation.Read more »

Gefüllte Eier

Appetizers | Deviled, Stuffed Eggs
(German deviled, stuffed eggs appetizer)
Stuffed eggs are easy to throw together, and they make great finger food at family get-togethers, parties and celebrations. You can make them up ahead, giving you plenty of time to tend to other duties. They also make a simple yet elegant supper or brunch when paired with a side salad. Gefüllte Eier are also a tasty way to use up leftover Easter eggs. Read more »

Habas con Chorizo

Vegetables | Habas con Chorizo
(Spanish fava beans simmered with spicy sausage)
Simple and straightforward, this dish of fresh fava beans simmered with chorizo makes a whole meal if you pair it with a few slices of crusty bread. Try substituting serrano ham for the chorizo, or experiment with different seasonings according to what you have on hand. Read more »


Desserts | Hamantaschen
(Israeli Jewish filled tricorner Purim pastries)
Purim is a spring holiday on the Jewish calendar commemorating Queen Esther's rescue of Persian Jews from mass slaughter at the hands of the evil Haman. Ashkenazi Jews traditionally celebrated the two-day holiday with mohntaschen, "poppyseed pockets," a simple pastry sweet. Over time this three-cornered confection took on the name of the nemesis in the Torah story. The three sides are said to represent the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Read more »

Irish Stew

Soups | Irish Stew Image
(Irish lamb and potato stew)
Even though this dish — known as ballymaloe, orstobhach gaelach in the Irish language — started out as a meal for hard times, its delicious flavor belies its humble origins. In the old days, this hearty stew was made with simple mutton neck bones and meat scraps for flavor. Sometimes actual mutton or young goat meat was used. In the last few decades it has become much more common to use milder flavored lamb. Read more »

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Healthy Food Recipes - Healthy Low Calorie Recepies - Easy Low Fat

Today's youngsters are more susceptible to diseases and the reason that can be attributed to this fact is their unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical fitness exercise. It is here where parents can play an important role by modifying their child's eating habits and showing them the path of leading life the healthy way.

It is not that unless and until you make extensive usage of oil or fatty elements, the food does not become tasty. There are innumerable healthy food recipes that are not just good for your health, but also are extremely mouthwatering. Read further to explore information about healthy low calorie recepies....

Here is a list depicting a couple of easy low fat receipes:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ideas for a Romantic Birthday : Ideas for a romantic birthday aren't hard to think up

Romance on a birthday isn't too different on from romance on any other day. The main difference is to focus the romance on the birthday person rather than on both people.

Some Ideas for a Romantic Birthday
Use these ideas to help you plan a romantic birthday. They are only suggestions, however. Use your knowledge of your partner to pick an activity he or she will truly enjoy.

Start with Flowers
If it's a woman's birthday, start your ideas for a romantic birthday with flowers. She is unlikely to consider it romantic without them and may even be a little disappointed if she doesn't receive flowers. Roses are good, but they aren't the only flowers. Pick out a different arrangement for some variety. Consider having the flowers sent to where she works so she can enjoy them and show them off to her friends.

Visit the Place You First Met
This is especially a good idea if the two of you have been together for a while. Visiting the place where you had your first date (or first kiss) will bring back all those pleasant memories of when you first started getting to know each other.

Visit a Place Meaningful to the Birthday Person
This idea will take some research but your birthday guy or gal will really appreciate it. Talk with his or her friends or parents to find a place that will be meaningful. It might be a visit to an old school or house, or maybe a trip to park, beach, etc. What you are looking for is a place that is special to your partner that he or she hasn't visited in a while.

Birthday Card
Chances are you will give a birthday card. Spice it up a little and write things you love or appreciate about your partner. Your words will be so much more special than anything Hallmark writes.

Spa for Two
Many spas have special couple treatments. You'll be in the room together when you receive your massages. You can even hold hands or look into each other's eyes. If you can't afford a spa treatment, then give your partner a massage yourself at home.

Breakfast in Bed
Celebrating someone's birthday is often about serving the person. Few things say service like breakfast in bed. Your birthday sweetheart will really appreciate this gesture of love.

Cooking dinner for your partner is also a good idea. Try making his or her favorite dish. Don't forget about dessert. A cake with candles is the traditional choice, but a cupcake with a candle is also fun.

Unwrap Yourself
If your idea of a romantic birthday includes making love, start it off by having the birthday person "unwrap" you. Having your partner remove your clothes or "wrapping" will be a thrill for both of you.

Love Coupons
Give your partner some love coupons. Each coupon entitles your partner to an activity (or to a night off from an activity). You can write the cards yourself, choosing things you know are meaningful to your partner.

Get a Hotel Room
Getting away from the distractions of home for a night is a great way to enjoy a birthday. Try to find a hotel near you that has nicer rooms, such as soft bedding or a Jacuzzi tub. Some hotels even have romance packages that include things like champagne and chocolates.

Enjoying a romantic birthday requires some planning, but it is well worth the effort. Keep in mind that romance is about the two of you being alone, so don't plan a large party. However, it is a birthday after all, so don't put romance above fun.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ebi-Ten 에비텐 : Japanese Fast food at its best

Japanese Fast food at its best
fresh sushi, beef and chicken bowls, bento boxes,  Octoballs, combos, (stops and takes breath... whew...) everything u ever wanted for a quick lunch and it comes out quick!
This place is always busy. the staff are friendly with their pimped out uniforms and their sassy Japanese talk lol.  I love going here for a speedy bite to eat while walking around  the hustle and bustle of downtown.  I always order the chicken teriaki don w/ cali roll and salad (i never eat the salad tho :/)  and soda. Come down and check it out you won't be disappointed !
We need this place in Richmond STAT!!
- Yelper Fritz S. -

Ebi-Ten is an awesome place for a quick, tasty bite to eat.  Very fresh food and great, friendly service.
Hmm, what to try, you ask?  You really can't go wrong with their beef bowls.  Add extra or even double beef for a heartier (not that your heart appreciates it, lol) meal.  Fairly basic with rice, lettuce, sauce and beef.
The octopus balls are another favourite - just try them. Delicious!
There's also a variety of great rolls and salads available and ready to eat for those in a hurry.
- Yelper Steph H. -

This place is great for lunch breaks. Fast and accurate service, and most importantly, it's always consistent. You can have the terriyaki chicken 20 times and it will always taste the same. that's how you know you found a good spot. They have pre ackages rolls when you're in a hurry and they taste fresh!!
The Terriyaki chicken is awesome and the Mobu tofu is great too, you take take a combo plate with both and it'S great! As other reviwers mentioned, they put mayo in everything, but you can always ask for no mayo :)
Prices are decent rolls starts at 2.15$ and a plate is about 7-8$.
- Yelper Sabrina S. -

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Friday, March 18, 2011

How to conquer jet-lag

Anyone who has ever taken a transcontinental flight knows just how bad jet-lag can be. I woke up this morning in Minneapolis, Minnesota after 24+ hours of door-to-door travel from London, England, and I felt like I’d been hit by a bus. As I lay in bed thinking back through the blur of cab rides, airport security, baggage claim, customs, and flight transfers, my halfhearted attempt to avoid jet-lag came back to haunt me. There were definitely things I could’ve done to lessen the full force of skipping a time difference, but right now my body is on 7pm London time and not 1pm Minnesota time. I should’ve known better. Oops.
If you’re flying transcontinental and you don’t have enough time to lay in bed the next day, try some of these tactics to bounce back more quickly. Perhaps I should’ve taken a dose of my own medicine, but too little, too late, I’m going back to bed. Happy traveling.
#1: Avoid Alcohol
It’s so tempting to dull the backache and speed up flight time by over indulging in the crappy airline “house” wine, but if you can avoid it, don’t. Since altitude changes and cabin pressurization already dehydrates you, alcohol just makes it all worse. Plus, airline wine is so terrible anyway that choking down with your rubber chicken dinner isn’t really worth it when you take overall energy deficit effects into account.
#2: Drink More Water
If you have a window seat, it’s super annoying to have to climb over everyone to hit the toilet every hour. But drinking lots of H2O makes all the difference in the world. So fill up your water bottle, book an isle seat and drink up.
#3: Invest in a Good Pair of Blinders
Most airports have travel stores where you can spend 10 bucks and pick up a travel eye blinder. It should fit your eyes so it shuts out all the light and give you the illusion of complete darkness. These are so worth wearing if you’re trying to get sleep on a flight–also consider a neck pillow. I don’t have one (although I’m always debating getting one). They’re bulky and a pain to carry but I’m definitely getting one for my next trans-con flight. It might be a good one-time-use purchase that you could ditch in a trash can on the flip side.
#4: Push Through the Fatigue
If you land several hours before it’s the natural night time/bed time, even though you’re tired, try to stay awake and push through the fatigue. This way your body basically skips a whole day, but then when you fall asleep, you’ll sleep hard and wake up refreshed at a natural hour the next morning. This is the worst part of jet-lag, but the quickest way to get over it.
#5: Exercise
If it’s daytime when you land, try to spend a lot of time outside. Walk around and let your brain adjust to the idea that your body is jumping forward or backward a day. Make sure you’re not stumbling around a foreign city totally exhausted, (don’t get hit by a bus or a car!) but just head out for a stroll around the neighborhood–trust me, it actually helps.
#6: Eat like You’re There
Airplane  food is one of the things that really messes my timing-system up. Since airlines serve food according to the destination you’re leaving, you could be having breakfast when technically you’re supposed to be asleep. Instead, set your watch to your destination time as soon as you take off, and try to push through the hunger to get on the right food schedule.
#7: Avoid Sugary Foods and Caffeine
Airports are populated with newsstands that sell candy bars, and when you’re rushing through security to your gate, it’s tempting to grab-and-go. But, remember that sugary foods give your body a quick burst of energy and then you crash–since you’re already going through a series of highs and crashes with the altitude changes and time changes, go easy on yourself and choose more sustainable foods. Also, when you land, try to avoid coffee if you can and go for the protein-rich foods like eggs, peanut butter, and nuts.