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Monday, March 14, 2011

Breakfast and Lunch, Most Popular Meeting Menus

Most event planners will be inovled in coordinating breakfast and lunch business events more than nearly any other kind of program. Therefore, it's important for event planners to familiarize themselves with the various options they will encounter when planning catering:
  • Continental Breakfasts
  • Traditional Breakfast Buffets
  • Breakfast Stations
  • Plated Breakfasts
  • A La Carte Options
  • Deli Buffets
  • American and Ethnic Buffets
  • Box Lunches
  • Build Your Own Menus
It's important for event planners to remember that they should customize any packaged menu options that are presented. That is, just because the venue recommends certain items as part of a packaged buffet doesn't mean that the event planners shouldn't be asking for substitutions and additional items.
Or, go all out and ask the catering manager to challenge Chef and create a custom menu. A client of mine recently requested that a conference center create a healthy breakfast menu for its event. It's my perception that Chefs understand and appreciate this type of client challenge. Check out this healthy breakfast buffet menu I built with the catering manager.
Photo: Courtesy of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

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