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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ebi-Ten 에비텐 : Japanese Fast food at its best

Japanese Fast food at its best
fresh sushi, beef and chicken bowls, bento boxes,  Octoballs, combos, (stops and takes breath... whew...) everything u ever wanted for a quick lunch and it comes out quick!
This place is always busy. the staff are friendly with their pimped out uniforms and their sassy Japanese talk lol.  I love going here for a speedy bite to eat while walking around  the hustle and bustle of downtown.  I always order the chicken teriaki don w/ cali roll and salad (i never eat the salad tho :/)  and soda. Come down and check it out you won't be disappointed !
We need this place in Richmond STAT!!
- Yelper Fritz S. -

Ebi-Ten is an awesome place for a quick, tasty bite to eat.  Very fresh food and great, friendly service.
Hmm, what to try, you ask?  You really can't go wrong with their beef bowls.  Add extra or even double beef for a heartier (not that your heart appreciates it, lol) meal.  Fairly basic with rice, lettuce, sauce and beef.
The octopus balls are another favourite - just try them. Delicious!
There's also a variety of great rolls and salads available and ready to eat for those in a hurry.
- Yelper Steph H. -

This place is great for lunch breaks. Fast and accurate service, and most importantly, it's always consistent. You can have the terriyaki chicken 20 times and it will always taste the same. that's how you know you found a good spot. They have pre ackages rolls when you're in a hurry and they taste fresh!!
The Terriyaki chicken is awesome and the Mobu tofu is great too, you take take a combo plate with both and it'S great! As other reviwers mentioned, they put mayo in everything, but you can always ask for no mayo :)
Prices are decent rolls starts at 2.15$ and a plate is about 7-8$.
- Yelper Sabrina S. -

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