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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seven Kinds of Food Can Help You Sleep

Many people have sleep problems, how to have a good sleep, here we provide you seven kinds of food than can help you sleep.

1. Milk
Milk contains tryptophan, an essential amino acids, are aiding sleep effect. Lactose-rich milk, amino acids and minerals and vitamins, can ease the tension of brain cells, The elderly is best not to drink milk at bedtime, instead of sleep so as not to get up in the night to urinate.
2. Jujube
Dates rich nutrition, Stomach and spleen, Available dates insomnia patients 30 grams to 60 grams, add sugar a little Jiantang, the night before bedtime.
3. Longan
Longan, also known as longan, has high nutritional value. Study found that longan meat on the brain cells have a certain role in nutrition, can play a calm, soothe the nerves, nourishing, anti-aging and other effects. 15 grams of longan meat, plus rice 100 grams, making a bowl of longan in the early morning or before bed Rouyu fasting food, both spleen and can soothe the nerves.
4. Lotus
Lotus has nourishing the heart, nerves, spleen and other effects on the heart palpitations, insomnia, diarrhea and other symptoms have some effect. Upset many people dream available lotus core 30, a little salt with water simmer in water.
5. Lily
Lily can prolong sleep time and improve quality of sleep. Especially after the weak health as illness, neurosis caused by insomnia, had improved function. Daily bowl of soup lily lotus jujube, soothe the nerves can play a role in aiding sleep.
6. Day Lily
Day Lily are clearing away heat, cooling and other effects. Whether for cooking or soup, all Win sleep after eating.
7. Vinegar
When you are too tired can not sleep, we might take 1 tablespoon of vinegar, slowly add warm water to take, can help sleep.

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