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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The 25 Top Nutritious Foods for a Long, Healthy and Happy Life

Are you ready to improve your health? These top nutritious foods will do just that. They are great for many things, including weight loss, fighting disease, curing and prevention of illness and really boosting your energy levels. They truly are fantastic. Eat them as often as possible and you will feel the benefits!

•Avocados •Apples •Berries •Broccoli •Salmon •Beans •Mushrooms •Walnuts •Almonds •Linseeds
•Pomegranates •Mangoes •Skinless Turkey Breast •Tomatoes •Brown Rice •Oats •Yoghurt •Pepper
•Garlic •Tea - Green or Black •Green Leafy Vegetables •Spinach •Fish •Pumpkin •Spirulina
Read more : nutrition page.

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