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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Real Taiwanese foods and drinks are now in downtown Vancouver! : Welltea

- Well Tea at BCIT Downtown- 

Well Tea, a famous Taiwanese restaurant/tea house, is now opening their third branch at BCIT downtown on June 11th. There, they have more than 100 different kinds of foods and 150 different kinds of drinks. As one of the Vancouver’s gourmet reporters, Loopp.comwent to this new place to take a look. 

This third branch of Well Tea is located at the center of Downtown, which is very convenient and easy to find for the customers. (In fact, even I could find here without any trouble not as usual!) Their glass-walled exterior has an open atmosphere. Now, let’s go inside and see more details!

The interior is very colourful and fashionable; there are about 80 seats, which can be used for many occasions. The sofa booths are comfortable for chat. Small table seats are good for groups. Fashionable stool seats make such a scene for best friends and lovers.

Their casher is very functional at the front door. We can order our take away food/ drink here. They use paper boxes and cups instead of plastic or Styrofoam ones. Well Tea is the first Asian restaurant in BC, who started to use those eco-friendly packages.

After looking around the interior, I ordered their specialties; I tried their bubble tea first, which realized me to come back soon. It was YAMMY.Well Tea uses the best tea, which they import directly from Taiwan, and makes more than 150 kinds of tea.

The green tea and black tea are their original blend. And also, you can taste ethnic and unique Taiwanese tea such as Osmanthus Oolong milk tea and Tieguanyin milk tea. You will feel the Well Tea owner’s mind; “I just want to use the best of the best.”

The other stunning feature about the bubble tea here is 6 kinds of toppings for it; Pearls (black tapioca), Coconut jelly, Egg pudding, Tapioca noodle, Kanten (agar), and Grass jelly. They may make you wonder how the texture is like, want to try everything and find out your favourite.

Then, I ordered Chicken with three spices which won the Golden Chef Award at Chinese Restaurant Awards 2010 (a contest among Chinese restaurants in Vancouver presented by HSBC). The combination of complex spice and tender chicken was just amazing.

You may also want to try Deep fried chicken nuggets, which is the most popular menu at other 2 branches (Richmond restaurant and UBC one). Meanwhile, staff’s favourite is House Special beef noodle which is the traditional Taiwanese dish.

At Well Tea, you will be satisfied with their good food/drink, comfortable atmosphere, and good service as I felt. Let’s call up your friends and go eat at Well Tea!

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