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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dae-Ji 대지돈까스 : Highly recommended Korean (Special Pork Cutlet) restaurant in downtown Vancouver area.

This place is always full during lunch time. The people here are great, and the food portions are just incredible. Its a great place to get lunch for around $8 bucks, however it can feed two people (you and a mini version of you).
I usually eat the whole thing, and drowse off in class, but atleast i have a smile on my belly.
They are known for their pork cutlets, but seriously all their food is good. Also they are very sanitary, which you wouldn't think based on the look of their sign board, but have no fear. The open kitchen allows you to see whats going on. Try this hidden gem, its tiny.  
-Yelper Salim H. Vancouver, BC

Great little fried cutlet joint.  Chicken, Pork, Fish, deep fried with some kind of sauce on it.  Rice and Salad and Miso soup on the side.  Everything under $10.  I love the "do just one thing and do it well" mentality.  There's not much else here, except for the kimchi fried rice with egg, which is also a great vegetarian option.
-Yelper Jordan H. Vancouver, BC

I'm a big fan of Japanese tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet), so I was intrigued when I saw a Korean pork cutlet place. It was great! I had the kimchi roll pork cutlet: kimchi wrapped in pork and fried. The sauce looked a bit dodgy but was delicious. Spicy pickles and salad on the side with rice made for a great dinner.
-Yelper Ryan S. Chapel Hill, NC USA

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