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Monday, November 8, 2010

So delicious, such a great value! MaDangCoul! 정말 맛있는 집! 마당골입니다!

Myself and my co-workers went to mess to MaDangCoul yesterday. (You can order MaDangCoul ‘s delicious food by phone. 604-968-3333)

You may know there’s no doubt about that we ordered various fantastic foods as we were 8.
(I'm salivating only thinking about MaDangCoul Bul Gal Bi!)
We've ordered about 12 different items. The one that I mentioned MaDangCoul Bul Gal Bi (Slice of beef rib eye marinated in Korean style B.B.Q sauce and grilled) was very tender and sweet!!… aww I can't wait to go again!
Normally I order food from 5Delivery, so I had no idea that here’s a lot of native Koreans come! I don’t have to tell you that one is a really good sign, huh?
- Bul Go Ki(Slice of beef rib eye marinated in Korean style B.B.Q sauce and griled)
- Bul Gal Bi(Slice of beef rib eye marinated in Korean style B.B.Q sauce and griled)
- MAE WUN SAM KYUB SAL(Slice of pork belly with hot spicy chill sauce grilled)
- Muk Muchim(White chestnut jelly and vegetable with soya sauce)
- SUNDUBU JJIGAE(Spicy soft tofu soup with vegetables and seafood or beef)
- TTEOK MANDUGUK(Slice rice cake with beef dumpling in beef broth soup)
- O JING UH TUIGIM(Squied tempura)
- DAK BOKEUM TANG(Korean style chicken with spicy potato stew)
- GAMJA TANG(Pork neck bone with potato and vegetables stew)
- TTEOK BOK KI(A broiled dish of sliced rice cake, vegetables with red papper sauce)
- SHABU SHABU(Beef and vegetables shabu shabu)
- GYERAN JJIM(Egg pudding steamed egg with vegetables)

어제는 마당골에서 회식이 있었습니다. (마당골 전체 메뉴를 전화 한 통으로 주문하실 수 있습니다! 604-968-3333)
아시겠지만, 저희가 8명이었으니까 끝내주는 음식들을 엄청나게 시켰을 거라는 덴 의심의 여지가 없겠죠? (마당골 불갈비만 생각해도 침이 잔뜩 고입니다.)
저희는 12가지의 음식을 주문했는데요, 그 중 제가 언급한 마당골 불갈비는 정말 부드럽고 달콤했습니다!! 완전 맛있어요!!! 아우!! 다시 갈 때까지 못 기다리겠네!
평상시 저희는 5딜리버리로 주문해 먹는데요, 그래서 이렇게까지 한국사람들이 많이 있을 줄 몰랐습니다! 이게 좋은 징조라는 건 말 안 해도 아시겠지요?
- 불고기, 불갈비, 매운삼겹살, 묵무침, 순두부찌개, 떡만두국, 오징어튀김, 닭볶음탕, 감자탕, 떡볶이, 샤브샤브, 계란찜

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