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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moving day meals

When waiting for moving day, don't forget to plan a few meals, taking into account the need for convenience and speed. (Just order some food by phone! 604-968-3333 EasyPeasy!)

Preparing for a household move is both an exciting and a dreaded time. While it can be fun to look ahead to a new home and neighborhood location, it can be stressful to arrange all the details that go into relocating a home and a family.
One of the more important things to arrange is what the family will eat during the day of your move. It's tough coordinating the removal of things from one home and receiving them at the next one. Family members may be scattered between both locations and running around on a variety of errands. Yet everyone needs to eat something to keep from becoming worn out or weak. If you are in charge of meals for the day, here are a few ideas that can help:

1. Use fast food coupons. While some drive-through food isn't that good for you, it is possible to make healthier selections occasionally, although you don't as readily find coupons for items like soup and salad. Even if you have the burgers or fried chicken, it's only for a day, and chances are everyone will burn off the extra calories by moving furniture or unloading the truck. When planning a move, store up your unused fast food coupons and take advantage of them at this hectic time.
2. Cook and freeze ahead. Many people pack up the kitchen last, so you may be able to hold out on the refrigerator and microwave well into the moving day. If so, cook ahead and freeze individual portions of tasty meals like beef stew, meatloaf and garlic potatoes, or even lasagna. Then everyone can pop his or her entree into the microwave when they're ready to eat, since it is unlikely everyone will get to sit down at the same time. You also can use the crock pot to make sloppy joes or homemade soup, using disposable plastic dishes for serving. The crock pot can be unplugged and put in the car when you're ready to go.

3. Brown bag it. The day before, make everyone's favorite cold cut sandwiches (or whatever type they prefer). Bag and store them in the refrigerator or a cooler until the next day. Add packets of raw veggies and keep a bottle of salad dressing in the cooler, too. Don't forget a carton of pop with some chips or cookies and no one will go hungry the day of the big move. Just pass out the bags when everyone or anyone is ready to eat.

4. Get by with snacks. If everyone is too busy to sit down for a meal, have several snacks on hand for quick or frequent nibbling. Crackers and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, beef jerky, hard boiled eggs, carrot sticks, apples, and brownies will provide enough nourishment to get each family member through the day. Don't forget individual cartons of juice or drink tap water.

5. Go out at the end of the day. If your moving activities proceed on schedule, you may want to plan a relaxing dinner out. Fast food could work, or you may prefer going to a family restaurant for full service where you can take your time and enjoy the pleasure of dining. You can take home leftovers for the next day or order an extra serving of the entree in lieu of the next day's cooking, since you will probably be busy getting settled in your new home for several days yet.

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