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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Games for your Corporate Office Lunch Parties

Submitted by Janelle Fischer

You’re in a conference room that lacks character and windows. You’re surrounded by your group of colleagues and long table of random potluck dishes and paper plates. You do these things to celebrate co-workers’ life milestones. Baby showers, birthdays, going-away parties, wedding showers, welcome back parties. Whatever the corporate event, there is definitely a way to liven the spirit of your work day!
Here are some game ideas that are sure to be a hit in your work place! Take on the role of ‘office party planner.’ You will gain the respect of your co-workers for being organized and inventive, and all your hard work will pay off when the whole room is rolling with laughter!
Going-Away Party Game idea:
If the event is focused on celebrating for one person – make a quiz to see how much your co-workers know him/her. I’ve used this at a Bon Voyage lunch party:
1. What is Tim’s favorite food? _____________________________________________
2. Which Internet browser does Tim use most? _________________________________
3. What is Tim’s favorite TV show? ____________________________________________
4. Where is Tim’s favorite place to shop? _______________________________________
5. What month is Tim’s birthday in? ___________________________________________
6. What brand of cell phone does Tim use? _____________________________________
7. Where was Tim’s first-ever job? ____________________________________________
8. What was Tim’s phone extension? __________________________________________
9. What kind of car does Tim drive? ___________________________________________
10. What town was Tim born in? _____________________________________________
A simple Word document will do. I put the leaving co-worker’s company mug shot at the top of the quiz too!
Any Event Game Ideas:
Desk Robber
1. After hours – take one thing from each co-worker’s desk (i.e. green stapler, bobblehead, lotion, can of tuna, etc.) without them knowing.
2. Bring the items in a paper/shopping bag to the party
3. Hand out paper and pens to guests
4. Explain the concept of the game to the group
5. Pull out one item at at time to showcase and have everyone write down who they think it belongs to (ask the group to not give it away when you show their item!)
6. After all items are out of the bag, go back through and tell whose item was whose.
7. Whoever got the most correct wins!
Office Family Feud
1. Send your coworkers an email with 15 questions that you think the group will give similar answers to.
Here is an example of questions to ask:
1. What is your favorite restaurant?
2. Favorite type of music?
3. Favorite Christmas song?
4. Favorite Shampoo?
5. Favorite hobby?
6. Favorite celebrity?
7. Favorite place to shop (specific store name)?
8. What is the color of your toothbrush?
9. What time do you get up for work in the morning?
10. What do you like to do on the weekends?
11. What college did you attend?
12. Name your favorite kind of pie:
13. Name your favorite breakfast cereal:
14. How do you like your steak?
15. How fast do you drive when the speed limit is 65?
Collect everyone’s answers and tally to find the top two to five in order of popularity. Set up the questions in a Family-feud style on note cards. Saying “20 Marketing Employees were asked – top three answers are on the board.”
Break your group into an even number of teams with four to ten people on each team. Place chairs facing each other in two rows. The first person in the row of each team comes to the front. These two people face each other across the table that has a tennis ball or other small soft object on it.
A whiteboard or chalkboard should be where everyone can see it, with the numbers one through three or six on it (this is the number of top answers you have on your list).
Now ask the first question (for example, “Name the top four favorite restaurants”). The first person to grab the ball gets a chance to answer the question. (If someone grabs the ball early, stop reading the question and make him/her give you an answer before reading anymore.) If the person with the ball gives an answer that is on your list, write it besides the corresponding number. If this person has not guessed the number-one answer, the other player gets a turn to guess. The person who guesses the highest answer on the list gets to choose whether his/her team will play or pass.
After this, each team gets three strikes (wrong answers). The team that is playing gets the chance to guess the remaining answers on the board. Give each person a turn with fifteen seconds to answer. Once the playing team gets three strikes, the other team decides as a group what one answer they want to give to try to fill in one of the remaining blanks.
If the first team fills in all the blanks they win the round, but if the opposing team guesses one of the remaining answers, they win the round. Keep track of each team’s points on the board. As you get further in the game, you can double or triple the points.

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