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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Curry, Golden ’Healthy Orchestra’ engendered by spices

Golden ’Healthy Orchestra’ engendered by spices

Story of Curry

Curry vs Curry

Original Indian curry to eat with almost foods like a nan, rice, meat. You may understand easy, if you think that is tomato paste.
Japanese style curry to eat with bowl of rice served with toppings like a pork cutlet, deep fried prawn.

Reveal curry’s identity!

Most people misunderstand that Curry is indian dishes. It isn’t incorrect answer. but it is a similar logic that oriental is china. Actually dishes contained various spices is commonly called curry in india area. Even there aren’t word which is curry in india. It is careful concern by restaurant for foreigner to seeing the word in restaurant

Why do most people misunderstand that curry is indian dishes. It is received opinion to originate from that english called dishes contained various spices of indian area curry.

There are some view why english called that curry. one of some view is that south indian called dishes or sauce “Kary”
The panacea of india.

It helps to prevent aging and dementia!
It is rich a curcumin excellent for anticancer!
It is a queen of natural antioxidant

we recommend best restaurant having it on menu.

Indian style (Salam Bombay)
Japanese style (Donburiya, Ebi-ten)

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