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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Be the Reds!

With the emergence of colored foods, tomatoes have become one of the most popularized foods. As a proverb from Europe says, “The redder the tomatoes, the paler the doctor’s face,” tomatoes are a healthy food.

So 5delivery ferret out secret of Tomato for your health and light summer!

The reason that you should eat Tomato

1. Best for diet! It is 16kcal for 100mg.

2. Best for metabolism! Rich vitamin, mineral and fibers help to that.

3. Best for relieve swelling! Rich potassium help to excrete. It is effective means to relieve swelling.

4. Best for anti-aging! lycopene the red pigment in tomato suppress the propagation of cancer cells and be excellent anti-aging

Top secret of tomato!!

Eating cooked tomato better than uncooked!!

It increase 2~3 times absorb lycopene and other nutrition, when you eat cooked tomato!

5 Delivery knows solution that You can benefit easy from Tomato.

First! Make a choice your liking on this menu!